The GPS to CIRE Success.Created by the one and only Commercial Investment Real Estate Trainer, Mentor, Coach & Team Builder in the business. Coa-Ch-arlie knows that production and performance cannot be maximized, only improved, due to leverage.Nobody produces top producing commercial/Investment Real Estate brokerage Hall of Fame Mega agents ….like Charlie Kennedy!L


Charlie Kennedy Bio

About the Author

Bio & Track Record of an Olympic Rainmaker.

Charlie Kennedy

Commercial Training Director, KW Commercial Leadership Council

Servant Leader, Syndicator of Efforts, Rainmaker maker, and a record breaking Anomaly.

Graduate from Southern Oregon University. 2x all American Wrestler. His academic interests were (at the time) in learning. Studied Criminology, Psychology, & Education and settled on degree in Theater business management (coming from the notorious Shakespearean festival), Production, Directing, Coordinating, & Coaching Actors (sales people), Imagination & discipline, the perfect combo for Charlie. Life is about improving, sharing & growing. College was about wrestling. Charlie is extremely passionate & competitive yet very cooperative & giving.

Charlie is always looking for competition, a challenge, and adversity. He looks for what others try to go around & so he can go through. Seeking to advance, improve, Innovate, & has a Constant Never Ending Improvement (CNEI) always learning attitude. Especially when he is teaching. He says, it’s not anyone's job to teach, it is everyone's job to learn. Charlie has contagious energy and has the strange combo of wanting to win and needing to share. Always leading by example (competing) yet encouraging others & feeding the tigers. His power of Will is beyond most people’s comprehension. He knows where he is going & he will pursue how to get there. Adversity is sought after, not avoided. Knowing how-to, in advance is not a concern of his. He is far more interested in leaving a trail, than finding a path. Some have MBA’s, MD’s, & PHD’s, Charlie is gifted with both MTH-Make things happen & GTD – Get things done. He starts at the top and climbs from there.

Immediately after graduating wrestling Team… (college), he moved to Southern California bought a tie and put on a door to door life insurance salesman hat… in South Central Los Angeles (Rodney King Ville) for Bankers United. As usual, Charlie takes second at nothing & was a top producer before he started, averaging over two policies per day for two years. Bankers United sent (or flew) Charlie to various struggling offices where he was instructed to “show them how it’s done”. How’s that for heat for a 25 year old….? It’s not… if your already “On Fuego”! He was then recruited off by the big boys, Metropolitan Life, Burbank Ca. as the company’s youngest ever sales manager & at age 27 promoted to regional manager in the firm nationwide. From there, he helped open two additional branch offices in Pasadena & Long Beach California where he personally hired, trained & started mentoring 18 new agents in those two offices before turning the page.

During a 7 year period, he worked consistently 90 hrs. per week exploring many opportunities & created multiple income streams. The following were his main 3.

1) Trading softwood - Doug Fir, Hem Fir, Larch, Cedar, Spruce & Pine - boards, Timbers & sheet goods. Wholesaling (buying & selling) millions of board ft. of lumber out of the Pacific Northwest into the So. Cal. Market. By barge, rail & truck.

2) Building a very profitable Business Debt Negotiations firm (Arbor, Kennedy & Trate) that he started from scratch &sold to a mentee of his. His firm was the opposite of a collection agency &represented companies (debtors) that had judgments against them.

3) He grew three different non-competing Network marketing organizations. Life Plus, N-Touch & (TPN) the Peoples Network. & developed two of their new affiliate guides. He also hosted the national prospecting conf. call for new members to hear &learn.

Charlie also raised his son &daughter &was head coach in all their sport from age 5 to 15. In Orange County where he lives, there were no youth wrestling clubs like there were in Oregon so he founded the Saddle back Mat Club. He remained head coach for 6 years until son ditched wrestling for Soccer which he now plays in college. He knew he should have had another boy! His daughter is laser focused &is in Vet school & will not be denied.

In 1997, Charlie happened across the scent of Commercial Real Estate & found his calling. With no prior real estate experience, or even knowing how to spell CAP rate, he joined Sperry Van Ness &immediately started to defy the way it was “supposed to be done”, he hired, trained, mentor & coached his own team of 7 junior agents. After training &developing a very productive team of junior agents in the firm &becoming the highest paid rookie of the year in the firm’s 15 year history, Charlie was promoted to sales manager then regional manager &within two &a half years was heading the firm’s national training boot camp. Charlie ran the number one office in the nation for the company for three years in a row before leaving management to produce &train again for himself full time. By the end of his second year as a producer, he had earned over 1.6 million in brokerage fees &was the # 3 Producer in the nation for the company.

In January 2004, Charlie founded Healstone Investment Real Estate, a fully integrated Investment Real Estate Brokerage serving both private &institutional client in both Brokerage & Property Management. In the company’s first 4 years his team grew to 2 offices, over 39 CRE agents &16 Property Managers. Healstone closed over 200+ transactions totaling over $560,000,000 in sales & managed over 1,200 apartment units. Charlie has successfully closed; Multi-Family Apartments, Retail Shopping Centers, Single Tenant NNN, Industrial Business Parks, Office Buildings (med & executive), hospitality ($ 12,000,000 Best Western), self storage & land (brownfield). After nearly five years of successfully building and Leading Healstone Investment he was recruited by Rick Cunningham &Buddy Norman to Join KW Commercial as the Commercial Training Director.

Charlie was elected by his peers for the position of National multi-family chairman for the Commercial REO Brokers Association He has been featured in the Real Estate Southern California magazine’s Top 40 under 40 Real Estate Professionals. Charlie is an active member &trade show speaker for many Southern California apartment associations as well as a speaker, trainer presenter at many so cal. colleges & universities . He is also a member of Vistage International which is an association of CEO’s &key executives from various industries.

Serendipity is an affirmation, to a rainmaking anomaly such as Charlie.

Charlie’s Real Estate Trail…

Year 1 - 1998

1998, Started RE career as a green pea Commercial Rookie agent at SVN.

Hired, Trained, Mentored, Coached a Team of 7 fellow junior agents year one.

Won Prospector of the year

Highest earning “Rookie of the year” in the firm’s 15 year history.

Year 2 - 1999

Offered and accepted Sales Manager position Irvine corporate office.

Increased production, performance & profit of the office 3 years in a row.

Coached 37 agents, 10 of which were consistently over $ 500,000 per year.

Year 3 - 2000

Promoted to Regional manager & launched the first 2 satellite agents.

Leader of the SVN new agent orientation and training boot camp

Year 6 - 2003

Left Management to go back into production.

Earned $ 1,200,000 in commission 1st yr. back in production.

Earned # 3 Top Producer in the company

94 Proposals, got 23 listings, wrote 75 offers, and closed 31 sides.

Built a team of 6, including the Rookie of the year & runner up.

Year 7 - 2004

Founded Healstone Investment Real Estate.

In companies first 5 years sold over 200+ commercial transactions

   $560,000,000+ in sales. Opened both Irvine & Long Beach offices. Grew team to 39 Comm. agents.     

Year 12 - 2010

Mid 2010, Joined KW Commercial as “Commercial Training Director”

Helped open and establish a new KW Newport Beach office, started first Commercial Team.

Won 3 awards1) Highest Team Production

2) Most Units sold

3) Growth award most recruits

Year 13 - 2011 - 2012

Elected to the KW Commercial National Leadership Council.

Created the Commercial Investment Mega Agent Boot (re-boot) Camp.

Completed the Commercial Mega agent Essentials to success CD tool kit.

 Started the Commercial Investment Mega Agent Team launching – CD tool kit

One on One Coaching to increase production and improve performance for mega agents & leaders of mega teams.

Group coaching practice group for those who are committed to constant never ending improvement.

Team Launching / Co-Mentoring, a temporary partnership with Trainer Mentor Coach to efficiently establish a productive team.